What are online gaming platforms doing to attract new players?

Although online casinos have many differences from other online businesses, their marketing strategies and routes to attracting new players are broadly similar. Attracting new business in such a saturated market is one of the biggest challenges they face, especially when targeting those who already play casino games. 

If you’re registered for email marketing updates, you will be acutely aware of what we’re referring to. If you dabble in and play casino games like I do, then you and I are the target market for these strategies. However, with hundreds of new casinos online and dozens seemingly appearing every week, if a company can truly find a unique angle, this could be the catalyst that turns their casino platform into a success or relegates it to the industry’s fringes, along with hundreds of other providers. Let’s examine some of the most common and latest ways that casinos try to attract new gamblers.

Encouraging new payment methods 

While many casino bonuses and promotions focus on specific games, ranging from free poker chips to free slot spins, operators can only advertise a limited number of games. You only need to see how many casinos are advertising free welcome bonuses in the form of slot spins to get a glimpse of how saturated this market is. For this reason, casino platforms have had to become more savvy in the promotions they offer.

Bank transfers, Mastercard, Google and Apple Pay are just some of the services that casino companies promote to encourage people to use alternate payment methods to play. E-wallets have created their own bubble within the casino industry – and there’s a big battle taking place between them for dominance. 

Never mind some of the more traditional methods, there’s been such a massive shift toward e-wallets that Google, Apple Pay and other payment methods like Neteller and AstroPay are now battling it out against each other. AstroPay deposit options when iGaming is yet another growing area of the industry, and casino platforms such as King Billy, Flappy and Run4Win are a handful of examples that are adapting their service for those bettors who are exclusively seeking AstroPay deposit and withdrawal options.

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Focusing on bonuses and promotions for existing customers

If there’s any area of casino bonuses and promotions that some platforms overlook, then it’s the power of existing bonuses and promotions. While the focus is clearly on new players, one way to attract new players is by offering them an extra incentive to continue using the platform once they’ve already registered and played their welcome bonus. 

Attracting new players is a difficult art to master. For many casino companies, finding something that works can take over a decade of painstaking and failed strategies; some never actually succeed. Existing customers, even at some of the most prominent casinos, have marked the big names for not being as receptive or generous to those who use their platforms regularly – especially when compared to some of the new customer offers that are bandied about.

Social media presence

Marketing is crucial in any business, but social media marketing is essential in the modern day. We’d apply this to all businesses, not just the digital casino gaming industry. Social media has transformed advertising, so much so that the art of the old TV advert is now considered a far lesser way to promote businesses or services

Many casinos have identified this trend and now spend big money on social media marketing strategies, including structured posts and Instagram reels, or have online personas that aim to go viral or hyper-post on the likes of Twitter to get their visibility out there. 

All of this attracts new players, but there’s a scale to it. The speed and sophistication of AI development have made AI-generated images and news a lot harder to detect, which has meant that the emphasis on advertising has pivoted toward a consistent social media presence – some would say incessant, to a degree.

Exploring niche casino gaming markets

As we discussed before, casino companies have a finite number of games to target for promotions and appeal to new players. Slot gaming is a good example of an area where there’s still value and a lot of potential to attract new clientele. With thousands of potential ideas and themes, there are slot games that can find a niche, but again, this pool is thinning because of the sheer selection of slot games out there.

Niche casino games such as Wheel Of Fortune, Sic Bo and Live Dice might not be the first games that spring to mind, but as the bettor pool gets bigger, the number of games available for bonuses continues to dwindle. They’ve become a growing area of focus for casino companies looking to attract new players. 

Although the demand for these smaller market elements is much lower than for traditional-style casino games, if companies can find an angle, they can successfully attract new players. 

The make-or-break element for many digital businesses is their ability to adapt and create unique marketing ideas. The casino industry’s blessing and curse is that it has a global market to which it has to appeal. While the number of bettors out there is in the millions, the competition is far more saturated, and it pits itself against some of the brightest marketing minds across the world. 

Attracting new players is the name of the game, and as more bettors enter the market, particularly in the US due to changes in state-wide legislation, adapting the best marketing strategy is arguably the most crucial element of becoming a big name in the business. 

It’s a trial-and-error process for many casino companies, purely because of the size of the market they’re looking to appeal to. There are nuanced differences in the advertising approach for big casino companies across many countries and time zones. Keeping it within a reasonable budget and ensuring that the overall marketing strategy to attract new players is ultimately profitable is the name of the game. If they can do this, they will not just survive in the casino industry but flourish.

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