5 apps that every HR should have on their phone

Are you an HR professional? Indeed, are there any HR applications installed on your phone?

Have you ever thought that you must head up with prominent HR apps on your phone? If not, then this blog would help to find relevant HR apps for easy HR operations.

Human resource (HR) systems are evolving to be mobile-first, much like the rest of the world. These days, managers and employees may access their data more quickly and easily with the variety of automated HR systems that are available as applications. These five HR apps are essential for any HR manager. The field of human resources is connected with human resource management software, and mobile apps for HR services are frequently available.

What are HR Apps?

The field of human resources is connected with human resource management software, and mobile apps for HR services are frequently available. A technology called HR applications helps to streamline and support a company’s HR management by automating HR-related operations and procedures. The applications are mobile user-friendly, compact versions of HR administration software solutions.

As the world becomes more mobile-first, the popularity of HR apps, or human resource management solutions, has grown in recent years. Instead of opening their laptops, people are starting to pick up their phones, and the HR department is starting to notice this trend as well.

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Here, you can find the relevant 5 apps that every HR person should have on their phone.

1. Hibob HR Software

A comprehensive core HR solution, the Hibob mobile app has it all. With the help of employee updates, corporate news, work status checks, employee data management, and other tools, your HR team can expeditiously perform shorter HR tasks.

Conversely, staff members may simply request paid time off, use chat to stay in touch with one another, and remember anniversaries and holidays. Comprising social media and HR components, it enables remote or dispersed teams to communicate from any location.

2. Onboarding— ClearCompany

Among the many HR software options provided by ClearCompany, their mobile employee onboarding tool is quite impressive. With a self-service portal accessible from their phone, new hires may complete paperwork, review important employee data, examine their onboarding package, and communicate with the team. They will also be able to prepare for 30, 60, and 90-day check-ins by setting performance targets.

Your HR team will save some time and effort with the help of automation included in the mobile app.

3. Time and Attendance — ZoomShift

Employee scheduling software like ZoomShift is simple to use, and it has an even simpler mobile app. Numerous user reviews compliment the time monitoring app’s ease of use.

From the employer’s perspective, you may build employee schedules, compare schedules to shift expenses, modify timesheets, prepare payroll reports, interact with employees via in-app communications, and grant your staff more authority.

Employees gain a great deal from ZoomShift. They can pick up open shifts, request time off, set availability preferences, trade schedules, and clock in and out.

4. Video Interview — SparkHire

With SparkHire’s mobile interview app, asynchronous video interviewing becomes even more convenient. When on business vacations or when you’re not near your work computer, it’s convenient for your HR managers to examine the interview recordings from any location. Additionally, SparkHire claims that because mobile phones are so accessible, conducting interviews on them might increase conversion rates.

5. Applicant Tracking System — Workable

Workable recognizes that it can be less intimidating to check something on your phone than it can to check it on your PC. Consequently, all clients of Workable can utilize iOS and Android applications, enabling recruiters to carry applicant tracking around with them. Smaller jobs like arranging interviews and corresponding with candidates are achievable. Larger jobs, including advancing applicants through the hiring process, are also important.

With a simple tap of their finger, users may offer real-time input to a candidate scorecard, scan resumes rapidly, and swiftly review applicant profiles to brush up on information before an interview.

Here are a few apps that are worthwhile for HR executives to use even though they did not make the list.

Grammarly: It’s never been simpler to write without errors.

Lystloc: Tracks the actions of your employees in real-time.

Wunderlist: Individual and work-related to-do lists.

Sprout Social: Versatile social networking applications.

Clearbit: A phone book and email online.

Now we hope that you will get an idea of having the essential HR apps. Invest in smart apps and ease your work progress!\

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Bottom line

There’s a good chance that the HR technology you use now has an app available that just needs to be used. There is no denying that mobile apps are helpful for all types of businesses, from startups to large corporations.

Furthermore, apps aren’t limited to the environments on this list. Some other apps are also available for performance management, workforce management, talent management, and benefits administration. Choose the right app that fits your organization.