Can You Opt For Braces While Dealing With Cavity?

Braces have become very common in every part of the world as they are the traditional solution to misplaced teeth. However, cavities are also a common problem and millions of people get affected by this every year. There can be plenty of reasons for cavities including your diet, brushing routine, dental hygiene and a lot more. 

Often people with cavities have questions about whether they can opt for braces or not. Cavities are nothing but those areas of teeth that get infected by bacteria through enamel, the hardest part of minerals and calcium that protect our teeth. Gradually, this infection increases and leads to decay.  If you’re dealing with cavities and are worried about teeth misalignment as well, then Smile Orthodontics can help you make the right decision and get the best treatment at ease. 

Should you Get Braces If you Have Cavities? 

It’s never a bad idea to get braces if you already have any other tooth problems. Braces are extremely common and one can get them put on by professional dentists. However, if you’re having cavities it’s usually not recommended to get braces. If your dentist plans to do them only on the affected teeth, you can proceed. It’s better to get the cavities treated tightly and get the gaps filled before the installation of braces in your mouth. 

Once this is done, the strength of your teeth will increase significantly, creating higher chances for braces to be installed successfully. Additionally, you wouldn’t have to be in discomfort along with a higher risk of cavities infecting other teeth.

What Happens If You Have Cavities And Still Get Braces? 

If you’re currently dealing with cavities and still opt for braces, there can be severe side affects you might have to deal with. Some of them are: 

Discomfort and pain 

Cavities create a lot of pain and discomfort but several people can get through the pain by getting tooth fillings. It is also recommended to avoid putting any kind of pressure on the affected teeth. Once you get braces, your teeth remain under pressure so if there’s any tooth with a cavity, the pain will just amplify. 

Broken teeth 

If you get braces with any tooth which already has a cavity, they can create a lot of pressure on that tooth. Ultimately, it will lead to teeth breakage. In a few cases, it might get so worse that the tooth has to be replaced and this is another reason why you shouldn’t get braces when dealing with cavities. 

Ineffective braces 

Sometimes, cavities can change the functionality of braces. Provided the fact that braces can be quite expensive and time-consuming, it is better to not take any risk to avoid the damage it may cause. 

To put it in simple words, one should get cavities filled up before opting for any kind of dental treatment. Keeping aside all the side effects, braces also take a lot of time to removal. Hence, it is advisable to consider all the factors before deciding on this dental treatment.