Calgary Optometrist Explains About Senior Eye Care

The best optometrist will be aware of the distinct eye care requirements of seniors. So,
you can expect the best optometrist in Calgary to provide customized eye examinations.
As a result, the Calgary optometrist can support optimal vision all through the aging
process for seniors. Seniors Need All-Inclusive Evaluations As compared to young adults, seniors need all-inclusive evaluations. These evaluations should be done with a focus on early spotting and management of age-related eyes. Some of the common age-related concerns include macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts.

Frequent eye examinations are important for seniors. The reason is that prompt
intervention can help to preserve vision. In turn, they can help seniors maintain self-

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Frequency of Eye Examination To Seniors

Seniors of more than 65 years are recommended to schedule eye examinations at least
once or twice a year. Otherwise, seniors should follow the recommendation of their
optometrist to know the frequency of eye examinations. The optometrist will
recommend the frequency based on the eye health of a patient and the risk factors.

Treatment Duration

For seniors, eye examinations in a good eye clinic will take around 45 to 60 minutes. The
reason is that for seniors, additional tests are to be carried out to evaluate age-related
eye conditions.

Tests Conducted During Regular Eye Examinations for Seniors

All eye examinations involve a combination of tests so that optometrists can evaluate the
eye health of each patient for visual clarity and health. Most optometrists suggest a
dilated eye examination for seniors. With the dilation of pupils, optometrists can view the
inside of the eyes of seniors with ease. Even, dilating can help optometrists’ examination
of the optic nerve and retina located on the back of the eyes.

During an eye examination for seniors, the following tests are conducted:

 Dilated Pupil Examination
 Ophthalmoscopy
 Slit-lamp examination
 Tonometry
 Digital retinal imaging

 Refraction
 Visual acuity
 Preliminary tests

What Can an Eye Examination for Seniors Tell?

You might think that the purpose of comprehensive eye examination for seniors is to just
their visual clarity. However, it can do more. During this examination, your optometrist
will examine the inner structures of your eyes. Also, he will examine anything that is not
normal. Right from signs of allergies and dry eyes to eye diseases, everything will be
evaluated. Above all, an eye examination will reveal signs of some health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. So, not only to evaluate your eye health but
also to spot the signs of other abnormalities, regular eye examinations are important for

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Insurance Coverage for Senior Eye Examinations

Some clinics in Calgary accept specific health coverage for eye examinations for seniors.
The extent of coverage will vary based on the policy you own. It would be a good idea to
contact your insurance provider to confirm the particular details of your coverage for
senior eye examinations. Some clinics will have a dedicated team to guide you through
the process and answer any queries you might have.