What Makes Lakeview Dental the Best Choice for Your Oral

Health and Hygiene?

Are you looking for the best dental office in Kelowna? If your answer to this question is
affirmative, you can confidently get to Lakeview Dental. Why should I choose this
dental office when there are others in Kelowna? Here are some reasons that make this
dental office the best choice for your oral health and hygiene:
A Wide Range of Dental Services
When you choose this dental office, you will get a wide range of services under a single
roof. Here is the list of services, you can expect from Lakeview Dental:
 General Dentistry
 Emergency dental care
 Clear aligners
 Wisdom teeth removal
 Sedation dentistry
 Dental implants
 Crowns and bridges
 Cosmetic bonding
 Botox
 Porcelain veneers
 Teeth whitening

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The Best Dental Care
At Lakeview Dental, you can expect the best care. Yes, this office has a highly skilled
and caring team. The team will take time to evaluate and diagnose your dental issue.
Accordingly, they will frame the fitting treatment plan for you. The team will ensure that
all your dental concerns are properly addressed. In turn, you can expect a friendly team
to help you improve your dental health and hygiene.

Are you from Kelowna and nearby places? If so, you can stay confident with Lakeview
Dental for your oral health and hygiene.
What Makes Lakeview Dental the Best Choice for Your Oral

Convenient Location

The location of Lakeview Dental is yet another factor that motivates many people from
Kelowna and nearby places to choose this clinic for their dental care. Yes, the office is
conveniently located in West Kelowna. So, you can easily reach this dentist’s office even
during an emergency.

The clinic is located in the center of the Lakeview Heights community.

The Best Dentist

One of the important factors that make Lakeview Dental the best choice is the dentist
at this clinic. Yes, the key person in this place is Dr. Greg Sigel. In addition to being a
general dentist, he is also an implantologist. From the beginning of his career, Dr. Sigel
has aimed at the unique practice that puts patients first. He does it by offering
exceptional experiences to his patients. Also, he ensures that his patients get
comprehensive services. He also ensures that his patients have a bit of fun while
improving their oral health and hygiene.

Dr. Sigel understands that trust is highly important in his profession. So, to foster trust,
he has devoted himself to extensive ongoing education. It helps him broaden his
expertise. Also, it aids him offer specialized treatments to his patients directly from his

Excellent Success Stories

One of the factors that motivates many people to choose a dentist’s office is the number
of success stories it has in its favor. In this regard, you can confidently choose Lakeview
Dental. The testimonials of the patients of this clinic stand as excellent proof of the kind
of care they got from this clinic.

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Apart from the factors mentioned above, the clinic offers direct billing with all major
insurance companies. Even, if you have an insurance policy from a smaller provider, you
can be confident of your dental insurance claim process easily with this clinic.