Chrisley knows best daughter dies

Chrisley knows best daughter dies
Chrisley knows best daughter dies

A sudden amazing sorrow befell Todd Chrisley’s youngest son, Kyle of the well-known TV show Chrisley Knows Best fame on the hit USA Network in June 2022. However, the circumstances of Kyle’s demise were not yet clear until Todd revealed that his son had continuously battled mental illness coupled with drug abuse. This occurrence was a hard pill for the co-located Chrisley family to swallow.

Let’s examine the tragedy and how the Chrisley family has been coping with its aftermath.

Kyle Chrisley Found Dead at Home

It was a devastating day for the Chrisley family when, on June 22nd, Todd’s youngest son Kyle was found dead in his Atlanta home at the young age of 29. In a heartbreaking Instagram post, a clearly grief-stricken Todd broke the tragic news to fans, writing “It’s with great sadness that I have to inform all of you that my son Kyle has passed away.” No one could have imagined the turmoil and pain the family was experiencing in that moment

While the initial cause and circumstances surrounding Kyle’s death were unknown, Todd acknowledged his son’s lifelong private struggles with mental health. He called the passing an “extremely tragic situation,” perhaps struggling to find the words to express the magnitude of their loss. An autopsy was promptly performed in an attempt to shed light on what happened, but to this day the results have not been publicly disclosed out of respect for the family’s privacy during such a difficult time.

The local Norcross Police stated they were investigating Kyle’s “unattended death” as protocol, yet did not suspect any foul play. Alone in his home, Kyle had continued relying on his loving family for support of his well-documented health issues. Now, they were left to face an unimaginable new reality without him.

A Life Impacted by Struggles

In his tribute, Todd opened up about Kyle’s lifelong battle with the “demons” of addiction and bipolar disorder. He thanked fans for prayers and support, asking for continued privacy during their grieving process.

  • Started struggling in adolescence with drugs and alcohol
  • Diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a teen, in and out of treatment facilities
  • The family tried every available resource to help him stabilize and stay well
  • Relapses were recurrent despite years of trying to maintain his health

The Chrisleys had openly discussed Kyle’s conditions on their show, hoping greater awareness could help others. Todd has since advocated for destigmatizing mental illness and increasing addiction treatment options.

Sister Accuses Brother of Assault

Just weeks prior, Todd and Julie’s daughter Lindsie had accused their son Kyle of domestic violence. She filed a police report over an alleged physical dispute between the siblings

The reported altercation only added to the family’s turmoil. Due to undisclosed tensions, Kyle and Lindsie maintained estrangements from their parents in prior years.

In the wake of Kyle’s death, Lindsie expressed feeling “heartbroken” over the loss of her brother. She and her family sought privacy as they coped with mixed emotions surrounding Kyle and the unresolved allegations.

Ongoing Criminal Tax Case

The personal tragedy struck as Todd and Julie were actively defending themselves against criminal tax evasion charges in an Atlanta court. The couple pleaded not guilty to conspiring to defraud the IRS of $2 million between 2008 and 2016.

If convicted, they could face decades in prison. After nine seasons, USA canceled their reality show, though Todd vowed to clear their names. It’s believed filming had already wrapped before Kyle’s passing

The ongoing legal battle only piled additional stress on top of Kyle’s death for the famous family. They seek to grieve privately while navigating intense public scrutiny of their personal lives and legal troubles

Finding Strength and Hope

As the months passed in their first year without Kyle, Todd found comfort in sharing happy memories and messages of strength on social media to keep his son’s memory alive. Looking ahead, the family chose to honor Kyle by focusing on each day together and uplifting other families facing similar struggles.

Todd took solace in the small ways he could help end the stigma around addiction through open conversation. While the future held uncertainty, they took peace knowing Kyle was now at rest. The Chrisleys remained determined to celebrate his spirit freely, not defined by earthly hardships

With their faith, family bonds, and community support holding them together, they moved forward day by day – ensuring Kyle’s legacy would be one of increased awareness and empathy for others battling Addiction. In this way, even though tragic loss, they hoped to find purpose and some light for the difficult road ahead.

A Lifelong Battle

Kyle had been in and out of treatment facilities for years, as far back as his teenage years, trying to manage his bipolar disorder and addiction struggles. The family said they exhausted all resources to help him.

In interviews, Todd has openly cried, discussing Kyle’s battle and how hard the family tried to support him. He wants to reduce the stigma around mental illness and help others get the long-term treatment needed.

Todd believes more affordable, comprehensive treatment options need to exist. Kyle had periods of stability but relapsed, showing how ongoing management is crucial rather than just short-term interventions.

The loss is excruciating, as Todd and Kyle had recently begun to rebuild their relationship after past tensions. Kyle was living independently but relying heavily on his family for emotional support.

Lindsie’s accusations of assault by Kyle just before his death added complex dynamics the family is still processing. Both she and her parents want privacy to grieve without addressing the allegations at this sensitive time.

Friends said Kyle was very creative and enjoyed music, but the ups and downs of his conditions held him back from fully pursuing his passions. It’s a reminder of how mental illness can impact one’s potential.

The Chrisley family continues pleading for understanding and space as they face not just Kyle’s passing but legal battles, too. Their faith is sustaining them through this unimaginably tricky period.

Kyle Chrisley’s life and death:

Private Struggles in the Public Eye

Being part of a famous reality TV family meant Kyle’s ongoing mental health and addiction battles played out under intense public scrutiny. Todd has said this pressure made Kyle’s struggle even more challenging at times. However, the family chose to be open about it in hopes of helping others. Kyle had lived privately for over a year before his passing to avoid negative attention on his relapses.

Seeking Different Treatment Paths

From traditional inpatient rehab stays to therapeutic wilderness programs to sober living facilities, Kyle tried various clinical approaches to managing his bipolar disorder and sobriety. If one method didn’t stick, the dedicated family searched for alternatives. Todd now advocates for more options like medication-assisted treatment and longer-term intensive programs shown to work.

Creative Passions Despite Hardships

When in a stable phase of his recovery journey, Kyle enjoyed hobbies like music, filmmaking, and art. Like his TV family, he had natural comedic talent. Todd shares that Kyle could “light up a room” and finds comfort in happy memories of Kyle expressing himself creatively during better periods of his life struggles.

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Continuing the Conversation

The Chrisleys have vowed to keep talking openly about the stigmas surrounding addiction, mental illness, and the realities of the recovery process. By using their platform positively, they hope more people seek help without fear of judgment. They also take solace in knowing Kyle’s memory inspires more compassion.

In conclusion, the Chrisley family continues coping with immense grief while maintaining a hopeful outlook. They seek to honor Kyle’s memory through advocacy, determined that his legacy makes a difference for all affected by mental health issues. Ultimately, their faith sustains them through this challenging season of loss.


How many kids do the Chrisleys have?

The Chrisleys have five children: Lindsie and Kyle (who passed away in 2022) and Chase, Savannah, and Grayson

Is Derrick Chrisley alive?

No, Derrick Chrisley is Todd’s late brother, who passed away in 2009 from heart disease. Todd remains very close to his brother’s widow, Faye Chrisley

Who is Todd’s ex-wife?

Before marrying Julie in 1996 and gaining fame with her as the star of Chrisley Knows Best, Todd was briefly married to Teresa Terry. They had one daughter together, Lindsie, who hosts a podcast with her mother

Where is the Chrisley family from?

While their TV show is based in Atlanta, Todd and Julie are originally from rural Georgia. The family continues to split their time between Atlanta and Todd’s hometowns

Was Kyle married or had children?

No, Kyle never married and had no children of his own. At only 29 years old when he passed, he had dealt with struggles for most of his adult life and focused on caring for himself, when possible, between treatments

What is the status of Todd and Julie’s legal case?

Todd and Julie’s tax evasion trial is still ongoing. They have pleaded not guilty and maintain their innocence. A verdict has not yet been reached in the high-profile case.