7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Toupee


Nobody is flawless, and everyone makes mistakes, but hairpiece mistakes may be tough to fix. So, to help prevent this from happening to your toupees, This article is a list of the most prevalent toupee blunders to help you avoid mistakes and maintain your hairpiece in top shape so you can look and feel fantastic!

 Severe hair thinning, balding patches, and hair loss are challenging circumstances for everyone, but there is a solution. From covering bald areas to adding volume,  Lordhair men’s toupees and women’s wigs can help you restore your self-confidence and style instantly!

1. Not Choosing The Right Size

Identifying the hair loss area is important for determining the perfect size foundation. Women’s hair balding differs significantly from men’s. They commonly notice thinning hair, hair loss, or balding regions on the front of their heads, closer to their hairline. First, measure the bald region from the front to back and side to side to determine the appropriate size foundation for your topper. If the hair topper is large, it will stick out, leaving a space between your natural locks and the topper. If the toupee is too small, it may not provide adequate coverage. The perfect topper will sit firmly on your head and appear natural. Hair extensions are available in various sizes to suit different needs. 

2. Blending

Your toupee must mix seamlessly with your natural hair. The purpose of using an extension to your hair is to create a natural appearance. Always place the toupee behind your natural hairline to achieve the most natural effect. Brush your locks and the hair extension to get a smooth look.

3. Not Cleaning The Toupee

Hairpieces must be washed, although less frequently than ordinary hair. Failing to clean it can cause an accumulation of product, grime, and sweat, leaving it looking dull and lifeless. Brush your hairpiece before washing it to get rid of tangles. Wash your hairpiece using wig-specific shampoos and conditioners rather than standard shampoo and conditioner to ensure they look fantastic and last longer. Remember to use lukewarm water and avoid brushing the hair so hard. Otherwise, it may tangle and cause shedding.

4. Improper Clipping

Many hair extensions have clips for connection to your hair. To keep the toupee in place, make sure you clip it tightly. Clips are significantly safer than stitching but cannot be used on fragile or damaged hair. You need a good amount of hair volume for the clips to hang onto, or else the hair topper will slide or slip. Never pull the topee while detaching the clips from your hair. To avoid damaging your natural hair, carefully unclip each clip one at a time.

5. Picking The Wrong Color

Choosing a tint that does not match the color of your natural locks is one way to make your toupee noticeable. Choosing a shade that closely matches your actual hair color is important. You may also select a shade somewhat lighter than your hair color, as the top of the head is naturally lighter due to sun exposure. Also, while picking toppers, match the color to the ends of your hair rather than the top.

6. Improper Use of Wig Tapes

Wig tape is an excellent tool for providing more stability for your hairpiece, guaranteeing that it remains in place and you do not have to worry. Wig tape should last a long time if not used excessively. Using excessive wig tape or the wrong wig tape can cause discomfort and leave unattractive remnants. Lordhair wig tape, like all other wig care items, is of high quality and properly labeled for varied applications. 

7.  Ignoring Head Size and Face Shape

Ignoring your head size while buying a hairpiece is one of the worst blunders. Since every person’s head shape and size are different, it’s important to measure precisely before purchasing. Ignoring this could lead to discomfort or an ill-fitting wig. The type of hairpiece that best fits you should be determined largely by the shape of your face. Whether your face is heart-shaped, square, round, or oval, some hairpiece designs will draw attention to your features while others will hide them.

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Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for a hairpiece for health reasons, style, or ease, taking the time to consider head size, face shape, hairstyle, and quality can help you find the right fit that complements your natural beauty and increases your confidence. Start with getting high-quality toupees from Lordhair!