7 Reasons to Pick a Personalised Number Plate and Why You Should Do a Number Plate Search Before Getting One

There’s something to be said about our attraction to customised items. Some mistakenly believe personal number plates have only become popular in the last few years. But it was back in 1903 when the country issued the first personalised number plates, starting with the A1 to Earl Russell. His butler had to queue overnight to be first in line. If you’re buying a car in the UK, getting personalised plates is part of the experience. Here’s why it remains an excellent idea.

You Have a Business

You can use personalised number plates to advertise your business. Create a cheeky combo or an eye-catching one. Every time your vehicle drives through traffic, you advertise your business for free. That’s an ingenious way to make use of your personalised number plates. It can also work well if you have several vehicles—like delivery lorries—that you use for your business. However, remember to do a number plate search online. Look for sites that offer the service. Check to make sure someone else doesn’t already have the personalised number plates you have in mind. If a match comes up, you may need to come up with another name. However, some sites sell customised number plates, so if yours comes up in the search, it can be convenient and easy to buy the plates instead.

You Can Sell Them Later

If you close down your business and no longer have any use for the plates, you can still sell them. Consider sites that buy personalised number plates. They can take on all your personalised plates, so you still earn money from them later. Of course, it would also help tremendously if the plates are in mint condition, so keep that in mind. Always remind your drivers or staff to take excellent care of the plates to prevent scratches, dents, and dings.

You Can Hide Your Car’s Age

Standard number plates from the DVLA indicate the year your car was first registered. It’s an instant identifier. People automatically know how old your vehicle is. Consider personalised number plates if you don’t like that or want to hide that information for privacy purposes. Again, run the combination through a number plate search online. You wouldn’t want to accidentally copy or duplicate someone else’s number plates by mistake. Imagine the hassle of having to redo those plates, too. Search and if a duplicate does come up, check if you can buy those personalised plates. People put up their personalised plates for sale all the time. You can browse through the selection and see if they have anything that matches what you want.

You Can Personalise It for Your Business

Another marketing tactic is to personalise the number plate according to your business. Use a combination that calls attention to your business. Even if it’s not humorous and just a simple combination that states your business name, that’s free advertising. You can get so much out of excellent passive marketing, which is what your number plates are.

You Can Mark a Special Day or Date

Personalised number plates can be a reminder of an unforgettable day. Do you want to mark the first day you drove to work, the day you met your partner or went on a date for the first time, the day you got married, the day your kid was born, and so many more? It can be the date you proposed, when you first saw your spouse, when you first worked together, or when she finally said yes. It’s a simple gesture but touching and something you and your partner will cherish for years.

You Can Remember a Loved One

Some drivers also find comfort in remembering loved ones they’ve lost by commemorating their birthdays and the day they passed away with a number plate. It can be a comfort for the family to see that information. It’s a glimpse into someone’s life. If you feel strongly about having reminders of the people you love, a personalised number plate can be the perfect reminder. Because sometimes, you don’t need more. A number plate is only a few letters and numbers and yet, they can contain an entire conversation, a life, a memory.

You Can Get Matching Plates

What about getting matching plates for you and your best friend? Maybe you and your siblings want to get one? Think of a personalised number plate design or combination that fits you and your group the best. Seeing all your cars parked side by side with those personalised number plates is sure to be hilarious and entertaining. It’s also a fun way to showcase your bond and highlight your friendship or connection to each other. If you and your friends love the thought of having matching custom items, give this a try. You and your friends will be laughing over that for years.

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