Assisted Living Langley Canada – 4 Benefits You Need To Know About It

Individuals work throughout their lives to support and care for their loved ones. As seniors, now is the time they deserve a happy retirement life. Assisted living communities in Canada give seniors an opportunity to socially interact and enjoy a fully productive, safe, and secure lifestyle. The assisted living communities in Langley, like Harrison Communities, allow seniors, who are largely independent, with some daily care. 

Key Takeaways

  • Assisted living communities offer social programming and activities to keep seniors engaged.
  • Assisted living promotes brain and body health in seniors with healthy chef-prepared meals.
  • Assisted living Langley, such as Harrison Communities, keeps seniors safe and secure.

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About Harrison Communities Assisted Living Langley

Harrison Communities is a family-owned and operated business in Langley. Established in 2002, Harrison Communities features 205 suites. It boasts a team of over 80 people. The common goal of the team at Harrison Communities is to provide seniors with an amazing assisted living experience.

Benefits Of Assisted Living 

  • Say Goodbye To Boredom: Seniors can enjoy an overwhelming experience in their free time with assisted living communities like Harrison Communities. The extra hours can be utilised by them to pick up new passions and pursue new hobbies.
  • Get Help When You Need It: Senior citizens can enjoy the benefits of assisted living in activities of daily living like bathing, getting dressed, etc.
  • Seniors Safety Is First: The main focus of assisted living communities is to keep the seniors safe and healthy. Caregivers can trust assisted living communities as the new home for their loved ones. From safer bathrooms to on-call staff, seniors can enjoy everything under one roof.
  • Stay At Your Best Potential With Restaurant-Style Healthy Dining: Seniors have unique nutrition needs. No one understands them better than specialist chefs at assisted living communities. They not only offer balanced meals but also have knowledge regarding special diets for the elderly.

Pros And Cons Of Assisted Living


  • Special Activities And Classes For Seniors
  • All-Inclusive Dining Experience For Residents
  • All Kinds Of Amenities Specifically Designed For Adults Are Available


  • Cannot Support People With Dementia Well


In conclusion, assisted living communities like the Harrison Communities make a trusted choice for the elderly citizens of Langley, British Columbia. They can help patients by providing safety, security, and care. They help them develop new hobbies and follow what they love the most. You can book a personalized consultation with them any day.

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What does assisted living cost in Canada?

Assisted living costs are between $200 and $250 each day in Canada.

Do you have to pay for assisted living in Canada?

Yes, you will have to pay for assisted living in Canada. If you receive publicly subsidized assisted living services, you will have to pay a monthly rate based on your income. 

What is the average long-term care cost in Canada?

The average cost of long-term care in Canada is around $60,000 per person per year.