Decorate Backyards For The Fall-Winter Season

Who said backyards are only for summer? Nothing of that! If you condition it well, you can enjoy it all year round, whether it’s hot or cold.

When autumn arrives, change the textiles on your patio: Opt for more welcoming colors, such as ochres, mustards, and earth. Also, choose warmer fabrics, such as wool or cotton and shearling. Put blankets on the seats to cover yourself if it gets cold, while you have a cup of tea.

An outdoor heater: If you get a mushroom heater, you can dine outside even in winter. Outdoor fireplaces and braziers are also great.

The rugs will give warmth to the floors: Leave the plant fiber ones for the summer and use fluffier ones, suitable for outdoor patios, to ensure a more cozy underfoot.

To the warmth of candles: It seems not, but candles can warm and create more pleasant environments in a winter backyard.

If you have more budget, glass the sides and front of your pergola. Vertical awnings are also a good solution to protect you.

Decorate with cold-resistant plants: Cactus and succulents are all-rounders, which will add a touch of green to your exterior in winter.

Decorate Backyards For The Spring-Summer Season

The location of the home is what defines this type of exterior. They are patios that are located at the back of a house, with the great advantage of privacy that this entails. If you equip and decorate yours well, you can have the ideal place to relax, socialize with family and friends, or practice the hobby of gardening to your heart’s content.

When the weather is good, backyards are enjoyed twice as much, since the number of outdoor activities you can carry out in this place multiply. Here are some useful and easy-to-apply patio decorating tips.

A Neutral Base, Valid For The Entire Year

Choose outdoor furniture made of resistant materials, capable of withstanding inclement weather. Teak or cedar wood, treated with special varnishes, aluminum, rattan or wicker, iron or wrought iron, and plastic are the most durable materials for outdoor furniture. Choosing one or the other will depend on the style you want to give to your backyard.

Backyard Flooring Solutions

Find the balance between functionality and aesthetics. We recommend any of these pavements for your backyard: Imitation stone ceramic tiles, treated pine wood tiles, composite sheets, artificial grass, river stones or gravel floors, paving stones, clay, and polished micro cement. Once again, this choice will be subject to the style you want to give to the patio.

Create different zones

It is clear that for a small backyard, you will only have to choose one use. But if it is medium or large, you can create different areas, such as one for the living room and another for the dining room. You can mark them by changing the floors or defining them with rugs that also help to delimit areas within the same space. You can also buy a range of decoration pieces that can enhance the beauty of your backyard. If you wanna buy go here Sonoma Backyard.

Strengthens Privacy

Backyards are often enclosed by fences, but if you’re looking for more privacy, plant shrubs that grow vertically around the perimeter of the patio walls. If you have enough space, it is also a good idea to plant trees in the corners, surrounded by different flowers. The option of hanging pots at different levels will also liven up the environment.

Outdoor Lounge

To enjoy the backyard in spring and summer, organize an outdoor living room with sofas or benches, with storage, around a coffee table. Light cushions and a natural fiber rug will help create a comfortable and bright outdoor living room.

Summer Colors

Colors for a backyard in summer: decorate with a sober and natural color range. Choose tones such as linen, blue, green, yellow or coral and you will give life and joy to your private oasis.

Don’t Miss The Barbecue

A backyard is the perfect place to have the barbecue. We recommend a built-in one when the patio is large. If it is small, opt for a griddle-type barbecue with legs or round charcoal grills. This element will allow you to cook outdoors during a party with family and friends.

The Pool

Your backyard may not be very big, but now space is not inconvenient to have a pool, since they come in all sizes. Square, round, raised, even in corners! If you include a pool in your backyard, you will enjoy fun and unforgettable moments. If you absolutely cannot fit a pool, think about installing an outdoor shower to cool off on the hottest days.

Protect Yourself With A Pergola

If you add one, you will ensure that you are protected from the sun and rain. You will create a room within your patio where you can put a nice outdoor dining room and/or living room. Here are some options that look great in backyards: Plant covers with a metal structure with climbers such as bougainvillea or vines, independent pergolas to create a gazebo, models with galvanized iron structures and polycarbonate cover or reed roof – very country-like –, reeds bamboo, pergola with textile awnings and/or curtains… If you don’t want to complicate things, opt for sail-type awnings.

Good Lighting

It is crucial to create a magical atmosphere when the sun goes down. We will differentiate between fixed and complementary lighting for a light well. LED spotlights, embedded in walls or floors, hanging lamps or table models will be the pieces that will provide optimal artificial lighting. Reinforce its spell with lanterns, candles, or luminous garlands.

Don’t Forget about storage

For your backyard to look in its entire splendor, you must keep it tidy. Use an outdoor storage module to keep tools, toys, and other belongings safe.

Children’s Play Corner

Providing a play space for the little ones in your backyard will be a great success. Store their toys in a trunk that they can open and close as they please, put a teepee, mats on the floor, and a textile garland to delimit the children’s leisure area.