Enhance Your Surface Pro 8: DIY Speaker Replacement Guide

Enhance Your Surface Pro 8: DIY Speaker Replacement Guide

Are you looking to enhance the audio experience on your Surface Pro 8? If you’ve noticed issues with the built-in speakers or want to upgrade to better sound quality, a speaker replacement might be the solution. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to replace the speakers in your Surface Pro 8, allowing you to enjoy more prosperous and immersive sound.

Assessing the Speaker Problem:

Before diving into the replacement process, it’s essential to identify any issues with the speakers on your Surface Pro 8. If you’re experiencing distorted sound, crackling, or no sound, the speakers likely need to be replaced.

Tools Needed:

To replace the speakers in your Surface Pro 8, you’ll need a few essential tools: 

  • Replacement Speaker Set: Acquire an explicit set compatible with the Surface Pro 8.
  • Small Phillips Screwdriver: Obtain a small Phillips screwdriver for removing screws securing the device’s components.
  • Plastic Prying Tool or Guitar Pick: Utilize a plastic prying tool or a guitar pick to carefully separate the device’s components without causing damage.
  • Adhesive Strips or Double-Sided Tape: Prepare adhesive strips or double-sided tape to reattach components after speaker replacement.
  • Heat Gun or Hair Dryer: Use a heat gun or a hairdryer to soften adhesive for easier removal of components during the speaker replacement process.


Begin by powering off your Surface Pro 8 and disconnecting any peripherals or accessories attached to the device. Place the Surface Pro 8 on a flat surface with ample workspace to replace the speaker.

Removing the Display Assembly:

The speakers on the Surface Pro 8 are located beneath the display assembly, so the first step is to remove the display assembly to access the speakers. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to gently warm the edges of the display assembly, softening the adhesive that secures it to the device. Once the adhesive is loosened, carefully insert a plastic prying tool or guitar pick between the display assembly and the device, and slowly work your way around the edges, gradually separating the display assembly from the Surface Pro 8’s frame.

Disconnecting Components:

With the display assembly removed, you’ll gain access to the internal components of the Surface Pro 8. Before proceeding further, it’s crucial to disconnect the battery connector and any other components that may interfere with the speaker replacement process. Take note of each connector’s location to ensure proper reassembly later.

Removing the Old Speakers:

Once the necessary components are disconnected, you can remove the old speakers from your Surface Pro 8. Start by loosening the screws and securing the speakers in place. Once the screws are removed, gently lift the speakers from the device, disconnecting any cables attached to them.

Installing the New Speakers:

With the old speakers removed, it’s time to install the new speakers in your Surface Pro 8. Position the latest speakers in the exact location as the old ones, ensuring they fit snugly against the device’s frame. Once in place, secure the speakers with adhesive strips or double-sided tape and reconnect any attached cables.

Reassembling the Device:

With the new speakers, it’s time to reassemble your Surface Pro 8. Start by reconnecting any components that were disconnected earlier, including the battery connector. Once all components are reconnected, carefully reattach the display assembly to the Surface Pro 8’s frame, ensuring it fits snugly and the adhesive seals properly.


Before completing the speaker replacement process, it’s essential to test your Surface Pro 8 to ensure the new speakers are functioning correctly. Power on the device and play some audio to confirm the sound is clear and distortion-free. This step ensures that the replacement was successful and that your Surface Pro 8 is functioning as expected. For more information on speaker replacement and troubleshooting, you can visit Fixo’s website, where you will find helpful guides and resources.


Following these steps, you can replace your Surface Pro 8 speakers and enjoy improved audio quality. If you encounter any difficulties during the replacement process or you need clarification on tackling the repair yourself, feel free to seek assistance from a professional repair service. With new speakers installed, your Surface Pro 8 will deliver an enhanced audio experience for all your multimedia needs.