How to Get Videos from TikTok Without a Watermark

After Reels were announced on Instagram, several individuals took advantage of the format’s similarity to TikTok to post exact copies of the videos. The social network’s TikTok content restrictions made the watermark problematic for “Instagrammers.” Videos from TikTok can now be downloaded straight from the app without a watermark:

Open the TikTokio app, then record your video by following the standard procedures.
Prior to posting, the editing options will show up on the right side of the screen.
First, choose the icon with a downward arrow.
Your video will be saved on your smartphone without a watermark! 

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How to download TikTok without a watermark on iOS

You can utilize an internet program to steer clear of this. using downloading TikTok videos on iOS without a watermark and using them on other platforms, we have opted using SnapTik.

Choose the TikTok video to download

If you’re watching the video on a computer, copy the link through the website; if you’re seeing it on a mobile device, share it.The share button is located in the bottom right, indicated by three horizontal dots. You may then copy the link and send it via Instagram, WhatsApp, and other platforms. 

Visit the SnapTik page

Enter the page to download it, it is free, and although it has some advertising, it is not annoying.

Copy and paste the TikTok link into the homepage’s main box. The procedure is the same for the mobile and web versions. 

Click download

It takes a few seconds for the video to download. After that, you have a few buttons to click: the first two download the page automatically, and the third opens a new window.
You can download the full video or just individual images there, along with a preview of the film. 

Save the video 

By default, the movie is saved in the downloads folder when you download it from your computer. The video will be saved in your Files folder or gallery if you do it from a mobile device.

How to get TikTok for Android without a watermark

Use the free app instead of the website if you have an Android device.

Choose the TikTok video for downloading

The TikTok link needs to be copied, much like in the process of downloading a video from TikTok without a watermark on an iPhone.Locate your video, select it with the Share arrow, then copy the URL.  Open the SnapTik application Paste the video link into the app, select the desired video quality, then press “Download.”

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And that’s it!

The TikTok is automatically downloaded by the app to your phone without a watermark. It’s now possible to post that viral TikTok on YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels, for instance.
The video is ready on your devices, so you don’t need to worry about any limitations while posting it on other social media platforms. 

How to Save TikTok Photos Without Watermark?

You can save pictures on TikTok without a watermark by doing the following easy steps:
Select the TikTok images or carousel that you wish to keep.Select the icon with three dots.
Select “Save Photo.” Select all photos to save, or pick only one to save. After that, the pictures will be saved to your camera roll without a watermark! 

Another method is to use a screen recording tool on your phone or computer. By playing the video in full-screen mode and recording the screen, you can capture the video without a direct watermark.