How to Move Business From the UK to Dubai?



There can be several reasons why you want to move your UK-based business to Dubai. You can either be planning to expand or the rich culture of Dubai with a lucrative tax-free business environment with a high probability of success can be another reason why you want to make a bold move. But in a place where a lot of information is flooding in it’s difficult to filter what you need. 

To make it easier for you this blog can be a great help. So let’s begin!

Reasons Why You Should Move Your Business From UK to Dubai:

Here are a few solid reasons that will for sure make you move your UK-based business to Dubai:

Tax Relaxations:

Tax relaxations that Dubai and the UAE offer are matchless. You don’t have to pay any taxes on your profit and income. Gives you a high leverage to expand and experiment while lowering the risks that you otherwise face in a high taxation business environment as a significant portion of your earnings goes to taxes.

Rich Culture:

Unlike other countries including the UK where there are limited cultures available restricting networking and expanding. In Dubai, you can experience vast communities and a rich welcoming culture which not only gives you a chance to expand your business globally but also aids in your personal growth.

Vast Horizon:

This benefit is the continuation of the above point, as there are vast cultures available in Dubai so are the needs of people and domains to work in. For instance, you have equal chances of success in the tech sector and the oil and gas industry. If you feel like changing your domain your options are not restricted, unlike other countries where you can be successful in selective areas due to the supply and demand factor.

Competitive Workforce:

It won’t be wrong if we say Dubai has the cream means top talent is available in Dubai. People there have worked in vast environments and are highly competitive, to say the least. So, you don’t have to worry about your team’s talent if you hire from Dubai.

Easy Process and Settlement:

The settlement process in Dubai is very easy. The first thing we love about Dubai is, you don’t have to be physically present in the city or the country. You can do the registration process online, get visas and when your business is ready to start you can move here. Also, you don’t have to wait for weeks and months for the process, it’s easy and fast.

Documents You Should Prepare:

If you are planning to move your UK business to Dubai here are the documents you should start with to avoid problems at the later stages:

  • Your business plan including the name and logo of the company
  • Copies of the legal documents of your company that is currently operating in the UK
  • Filling out an online application available at the DED website for a new company formation
  • Copies of the visas and other personal legal documents of the executives 
  • Reference certificates from the banks.

Once you are done with the registration process here is where to go next:


  • When choosing a trade name for your company, make sure it is free of any references to external organizations, governments, or religions. It should also be translated into Arabic. Our staff will offer recommendations for choosing your company name and make sure the name is coherent to the instructions given by the government of the UAE.
  • Choosing your business activity: Your company must choose the appropriate business activities. The authorities may require supporting documentation, such as portfolio experience or educational credentials, depending on the type of business.
  • Applications have been completed in both Arabic and English, and they are prepared for submission after all paperwork has been completed and verified.
  • After the company is set up, the trade license will be granted, and we can begin the process of opening a bank account and obtaining a visa. 

You can either open a corporate bank account online many banks like NBD, Al Maryah etc are offering this option or in person after obtaining a visa. Once you get your visa and get your company all set to operate make sure you also apply for the visas of your employees.

With following the above procedure you are all set to operate in Dubai still if you face any confusion it’s always good to ask for help and Gatestone Group is always committed to helping you in this journey.