Is Relocating an Answer to Rental Issues?

Housing issues can cause severe anxiety and stress in young families. With the rise in the cost of living, buying a house has become an unattainable dream for many. This leaves renting as the only option for many individuals and families, which provides a temporary solution to their housing needs. However, rental homes do not always provide suitable accommodation, particularly in the case of those with small children. The following challenges can make renting a difficult option for many. 

Issues in the acceptance of an offer: 

Some landlords set certain conditions for renting out their properties and avoid letting their homes be rented to tenants with kids. Despite modern laws, those looking to rent a property can face many challenges during the renting process right from the very beginning. There can be hidden discrimination in the clauses set by the landlords that exclude certain people. Elderly tenants with disabilities or working parents with school-aged children might not find the situation favorable. 

The condition of the property: 

Besides this, the state of the property and the particular requirements of a family increase limitations of choice for future tenants. Certain allergies might render old or worn-out carpets unsuitable for a particular family. At the same time, the landlords might not see this as a problem and refuse to contribute towards the cost of replacing them or decreasing the rent to facilitate the process. There are other issues like heating or boiler problems that can negatively affect the well-being of the inhabitants. Mold can make living conditions difficult and pose risks of illness like asthma. There is online advice available on getting rid of mold and damp at home. In some circumstances, the local government has to be involved to help the situation and solve disputes between the landlord and tenants, even where the home is rented privately. 

Deposit requirements and fees:

Apart from the above, the payment of a deposit and late refund on moving house contribute to the stress factors in an individual’s life. It affects people’s affordability and income flow for a few months, which can cause financial issues for a particular family. They have to arrange a deposit for their new home while still waiting for the security deposit to be returned by the previous landlord. However, those going through financial difficulty might be able to access some help with private renting costs.  

The area and local amenities: 

If renting with a housing association, you might not be able to choose the right property for your family. The housing associations make available properties according to eligibility. Those who qualify can bid for one of them but are not certain that their offer will be accepted. The available properties might offer limited options or benefits for a certain family, which includes schools, doctors, special needs facilities, etc. 

Private renting offers a wider scope than social housing. However, due to soaring rents and increasing demand, it is not easy to find a rental home in an ideal location. 

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Relocation and buying your first home: 

If you are living in an expensive area, moving to another town or city might offer some housing solutions. You might find lower rental prices and better options. You might also be able to get on the property ladder and buy your own house. Many people move out of busy cities for affordable accommodation and commute to work from their new homes. If you are able to work from home some days, travel should not be a huge problem. Nevertheless, you need to consider the cost of commuting and the inconvenience involved before making a decision. In addition to this, you need to think about the neighborhood, schools, local amenities, and other personal requirements. 

It is a good idea to do your research and visit the area of your choice a few times. It is also important to consult family and friends and have their advice about the place in your mind. If everything works for you, relocation will answer many of your needs and open doors to new opportunities for you. Many people like to make charitable donations like Fidya before a house move. A house move can be an exciting but stressful task. Get help from loved ones to start the next adventure of your life!