Midnight Mandarins 9 Notes in D Minor with Tambourine Gift Set

The Cosmos Handpan is a meticulously made musical instrument. It is known for its ethereal sounds. It provides the perfect blend of rich tones and soothing vibrations. This quality made it perfect for professional musicians and hobbyists.

The Midnight Mandarins variant has a striking but dark finish. The subtle mandarin motifs add to its beauty and give it a unique and elegant appearance.  This variant is an aesthetically appealing and high-quality product that goes into each handpan. This handpan can be tuned in D minor to provide a soulful sound that resonates deeply with players and listeners. The D Minor scale is particularly famous for its emotional depth. It is ideal for meditative sessions, therapeutic environments and to create evocative musical compositions.

Features and Specifications of Handpan

Construction and Material

The Cosmos Handpans are constructed with high-quality nitrided steel. This material is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. This steel passes through a meticulous nitriding process that enhances its hardness. Due to its hardness, it retains its tuning over time. Each of our handpan is formed by skilled artisans who shape and tune the handpan with hand and create a finely balanced instrument. The body of the instrument is designed to produce a rich and resonant sound with long sustainability. 

It has a 9 Note Layout that offers a versatile range of musical possibilities. At the center of the layout is Ding which anchors the scale. There are 8 notes around the Ding. Each note is expertly tuned to blend harmoniously with the rest. This layout helps you to create a wide variety of melodies and chords that can easily express simple themes to complex positions. The spatial arrangement of the notes helps them in intuitive play which makes it accessible for new and experienced musicians alike.

The Tuning Options

The unique feature of Cosmos Handpan is its option for different tuning frequencies. 

432HZ: 432HZ is recommended for musicians who want to promote healing and harmony. This tuning is referred to as Verdi’s A. It is known for its warm and grounding tones because they are more natural and soothing to the ear.

440HZ: 440HZ is also known as “concert pitch” and is the standard tuning used in most Western music. This frequency provides more brighter and clearer sound that is compatible with a wide array of musical genres and instruments. It is also a conventional choice for recording and live performances to fit handpan seamlessly into any musical context.

You can choose these two tunings depending more on your use of handpan. If you’re interested in musical therapy, meditation, and harmonious or relaxing experiences, then you should go with 432HZ. On the other hand, if you want to integrate your handpan into broader musical projects or performances, then choose 440HZ. 

Tambourine as a Gift Set

With this handpan , you’ll get Tampourine gift set. This set enhances the overall musical experience and provides a complementary percussive element. It adds rhythm and dynamism to your performance. The tambourine is such a versatile instrument that it is capable of producing a vaiety of sounds including jingles, sharp and rhythmic strikes of the head. It is used in traditional and contemporary music and allows the player to explore extensive range of texture and rhythms. It makes an excellent addition to the handpan.

When you purchase Cosmos Gift set, you will eventually save around 200$. Which is an amazing offer instead to buying one item. This saving cost also present the value and cost effieciency of the set. Cosmos always provide high quality and professional quality instruments at an affordable price.

The combination of handpan and tambourine in the gift set opens new avenues for exploration of music and creativity. The particular sound of each instrument compliments each other. With this the customers can play different musical styles and techniques such as complex rhythms and harmonies to foster the understanding and appreciate of music. Also, both of the instruments are easy to play which makes it suitable for all skill level musicians.

Benefits of the “Midnight Mandarins” Design

The best feature of Cosmos Handpan is Midnight Mandarins that offers both visual and acoustic appeal. This design is adorned with intricate Mandarin motifs that represents harmony and tranquility. The Midnight blue finish of handpan provides a striking aesthetics that makes it unique as compared to others. This beauty of handpan contributes to the inspiration and creativity of player to encourage the deeper connection with the hang instrument. It eventually increase the overall musical journey and transform each session into an artistic performance.

The Cosmos Handpans are known for their therapeutic and meditative properties and makes it a valuable tool for stress relief and mental health. The D Minor tuning produces a soundspace. This soundspace is calming and emotionally expressive which is ideal condition for meditation and mindfulness practices. The resonant tones and long sustains of handpan creates a relax environment and allow the players to immerse themselves fully in the present moment. Additionally, you can tune it according to your taste too. Many therapists and wellness practioners include handpan in their sessions to make the soothing environment and promotes the holistic sense of well being among their clients.

As compared to other handpans in the market, it stands out due to its exceptional build quality with versatile tuning options and unique design features. The Cosmos handpans are particularly made by the skilled artisans.


The Cosmos Handpan gift set is a perfect gift for both beginners and experienced musicians. With this they can have a clear idea about the world of handpan music. The unique design of Midnight Mandarins, perfect craftmanship and dual tuning options make it a versatile and high quality instrument. The addition of tambourine adds another layer of musical potential to foster creativity, rich and multi faceted performances. It also offer massive saving without compromising on the quality of product. You can buy it immediately through Cosmos Handpans and also text us. We’ll guide you with your preferences.

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