Tights Are the Stars of Every Fashion Report in 2024: 3 Ways to Wear Them

2024 is the year when the focus is on what we are used to hiding. Of course, we are talking about tights – now they become the foundation of any fashionable look and come to the fore. Together with the revolutionaries in the world of hosiery, Wolford, we figure out which ones to choose and how to wear these items in 2024 to be on trend.

Warm spring days began much earlier than usual this year. But, despite theApril heat, fashionistas are in no hurry to bare their legs. No, no, no one refused the mini. It’s just that this year tights are ruling the roost. The trend for them was set by Western celebrities back in 2022, and now large brands have picked it up: nylon products are becoming the main accents of catwalk looks and are even replacing clothes. But first things first: here are some trendy ways to wear tights in 2024.

Tights Instead of Trousers

Pantless is a trend that we have become accustomed to. Kendall Jenner was one of the first to try on a similar look in 2022, and then looks, the main characters of which were tights, appeared at the show of the Miu Miu 2023/2024 autumn-winter collection. The basic principle of such images is that the bottom should be either ultra-short (for example, micro shorts, more reminiscent of underwear, are suitable) or absent altogether. This spring, almost any fashionista can decide to wear such looks – they have become so familiar that hardly anyone will dare to call them vulgar or too provocative.

Of course, the main thing in this look is choosing the right tights. In order for the figure to look flawless, they must literally become a “second skin”, which means low-quality products with noticeable seams, made from budget materials, immediately become taboo. Noticeable seals in the panty area can ruin the look, and on the toes – they will not allow you to complement such outfits with open-toed shoes. An example of an ideal pair can be seen in the Wolford catalog. Their 1994 innovation gave the world Fatal, the first tights in history that do not have a single seam, and their patented technology allows them to fit so tightly to the silhouette that the item almost merges with the skin and evens out its tone.

Mini With Accent Tights

Not all fashionistas will decide on a revealing outfit without trousers. Its more comfortable counterpart is images with miniskirts or shorts of the usual length and eye-catching tights. When choosing a nylon product for such an image, the concept of “too much” ceases to exist. In street style photos from Fashion Week, you can see couples as daring as you like. An option for those who are not yet ready for radical decisions are bright models. The main trend of spring 2024 is considered to be red pairs, but options for other trendy shades, for example, white, mint or blue, are also suitable. The attention to detail in the designs is reminiscent of how carefully blackjack players analyze their cards, looking for that winning edge in every hand.

The next fashionable step is tights with prints. In this case, it’s worth taking a closer look at the animalistic ones; the hearts of fashionistas have been captured by leopard print solutions. Just don’t forget that these should remain the main accent of the look; it’s better to choose plain-colored clothes for the rest. And for the most daring – “flirty” tights made of openwork materials. There are many variations: they can be simply lace, decorated with bows and even decorative cuts. In short, feel free to experiment!

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Looks With Nude Tights

Yes, yes, don’t be surprised. Nude tights are a real trend for 2024. For many years they were considered a fashionable taboo and were consigned to oblivion. But this season the fashion world is waiting for their triumphant return – they are increasingly appearing in fashion shoots, influencer looks and on catwalks. For example, they became the leitmotif of the Saint Laurent 2024/2025 autumn-winter collection. Therefore, they can again be safely integrated into looks with skirts and dresses. Just don’t rush into the world of beige nylon without looking back! Not all solutions left the anti-trend category. Quality again plays an important role. On store shelves we see many variants of this seemingly basic element of the wardrobe, but not everyone can be trusted – there is a high risk of ruining the entire impression of the image with low-quality tights material, and even worse – dooming yourself to discomfort throughout the day.

A product that will become your “best friend” should be pleasant, almost invisible on the skin, have an ideal external structure and mask all sorts of nuances on the skin. It’s unlikely that anyone knows how to create such a thing better than Wolford, because the brand is a pioneer in the field of producing such things. They were the first in history to introduce the world’s thinnest Individual tights, both matte and transparent. This pair is almost invisible, but at the same time works as leg makeup.

One more rule: no thick yellowish “grandmother’s” nylon – it will only ruin the image. Choose a pair that perfectly matches your skin tone. It’s good that in the Wolford line, like in an artist’s palette, there are many shades of beige: ten, from light flesh for pale skin of the northern regions to stylish caramel for tanned and even brownish with a cool undertone for the darkest skin tones.

Someone might argue that light pairs are not a universal option, because, unlike black ones, they do not have a slimming effect in the “basic configuration”. But Wolford’s portfolio of innovations has the answer to this too. They are also responsible for the first transparent support models – Miss W.