Top 3 Audio Enhancers: Elevate Your Listening Experience

The people and tools have become so much more sophisticated nowadays that if you are a brand or business and not providing the desired quality or value, you will not be able to survive in the market.

The same is the case with the quality of sound in an audio or video (whether it is a podcast, vlog, news reporting, music, or an interview, meeting, or conference). If you do not edit your recordings to enhance sound quality and elevate the listening experience, they will simply not gain any clicks, views, or reviews. 

However, gone are the days when only a technical expert could edit media recordings. With the help of the following top 03 audio enhancer AI tools, transforming a poor-quality voice into a crystal clear voice is extremely simple. Keep reading to get to know how these tools work. 

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ai audio enhancer

It is proficient in performing four types of improvements that include the removal of background sounds, cleaning up speech content, fixing sound loudness, and improving overall sound quality.

This voice enhancer also gives the user the choice to select the type of content they want to improve and the preferred kind of enhancement from the four options available. It means that you can now perform selective adjustments in podcasts, vlogs, interviews, meetings, conferences, professional audio/video, or others. 

voice enhancer

Besides its technical capabilities, it also offers some of the user’s favorite features such as varying media file size, and duration, support for bulk upload, and compatibility with all the widely-used media file formats. 

Additionally, it features a user-friendly tool design and offers free sound quality enhancement for audio/video files of limited size and duration, allowing the user to decide whether they should purchase its premium features. Its free mode of use is also for non-regular users, beginners, and especially students. 


Besides its free version, the audio enhancer ai also offers some premium features and services such as:

Features and Functions Basic Pro Studio 
File Size2GB2GB4GB
File Duration 1 hour 5 hours 15 hours 
Number of Files/Entry3510
Cloud Space5GB10GB20GB
Pricing $10/month $45/month $90/month is another beginner’s friendly voice enhancer AI, that has many reasons to make it stand out as one of the best sound quality enhancement tools. By utilizing the built-in advanced ML algorithms, the tool can effortlessly transform an ordinary quality sound into studio-quality audio or video in a matter of seconds. 

ai voice enhancer

It will efficiently identify and differentiate between the primary voice and unnecessary background sounds and remove them to make the original sound clearer and consistent. 

In addition, this voice enhancer will balance the sound pitch throughout the provided audio or video files to remove the abrupt fluctuations in sound loudness and levels. 

The output sound will be clearer, consistent, and audible. The best thing about this audio enhancer is that it offers customized sound quality adjustment (removal of background sounds, fixing sound loudness and levels, clean speech content, or improving overall sound quality) as per the type of content (podcasts, mobile audio/video, vlog, interview, conference, et.). 

audio enhancer online
ai enhance audio

For example, if the user has to improve a mobile recorded lecture and chooses to clean up the speech content in it, the tool will silence the background, remove all unnecessary echoes and sounds, and bring the sound pitch to an audible level to make it consistent throughout the lecture. 


This AI voice enhancer is absolutely free for unlimited use and all of its features. The user will not have to sign up prior to sound quality enhancement. 

AI Audio Enhancer by

AI Audio Enhancer by is a more than traditional sound quality enhancement tool. It will assist in recording the audio or video to perform post-recording editing. 

One of its key functions is to remove background distracting sound elements from your audio or video. It is smart enough to recognize and differentiate between the unintentionally recorded sounds and remove them. As a result, the primary voice becomes clearer and more consistent. 

ai audio enhancer

It also maintains the sound pitch or loudness throughout the provided recordings to ensure a pleasant listening experience. 

The ai voice enhancer gives the user the choice to perform some customized improvements in their content such as trimming or cropping, adding effects, increasing or decreasing sound pitch in the desired speech content and speed, etc. 


The audio enhancer is free for basic sound quality improvements such as removal of background sounds, balancing sound loudness, cleaning up speech, etc. While it is paid for advanced audio or video quality enhancement and other editing features. It offers multiple pricing packages for diverse user needs that start from $16/month. 

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The above discussion reflects that although three of the audio enhancers have their own specifications and certain limitations, they are incomparable in their key function i.e. “sound quality enhancement to elevate the listening experience.”

Among them, is the most advanced, versatile, and user-friendly and, therefore, recommended as the number one sound quality-improving tool. 

On the other hand, is ideal for beginners, non regular users, and students who cannot afford professional equipment and tools for recording and improving audio or video.

At the last, ai voice enhancer by is also a good choice for those who need more than basic sound quality features in ai tools (however, it is free for basic level adjustments such as background sound removal).