Artificial Intelligence Essay Writing Tips for Beginners

An artificial intelligence essay analyses the trends of human dependence on AI and autonomous AI systems working on their own without human intervention. This can lead to the loss of human skills, and there are many ethical implications and the risk of unforeseen circumstances if AI is potentially misused. 

Per the stats provided by Authority Hacker, AI adoption has been accelerated a lot in 2022 by a ratio of 53% in the context of global IT companies. The AI market has rapidly grown in the UK particularly; as Forbes suggests, the industry is worth £16.9 billion in the UK and shall touch the figure of £803.7 billion by 2035.

The fast-growing field of AI has revolutionised many aspects of our lives and has auto-powered different sectors of the economy. From self-driving cars to healthcare diagnosis tools, the uptake of technology has changed the world. 

To craft your essay in the best possible way, you need the subject-based assistance of an expert essay writer who understands the intricacies of the process. For beginner students, it is critical to get professional help with the writing and proofreading of their academic documents. Otherwise, the risk of academic failure stays at an all-time high. 

Coming back to the topic, let us define AI for beginners, and then we shall move towards the essay writing tips.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term Artificial Intelligence, as defined by IBM, is the technology that can enable digital devices and computers to read, learn, talk, see, write, analyse, play, and do stuff like human beings do. It is a field which is involved in the combination of complex problem-solving data sets and computer science to work together and drive benefits. 

How Do You Write an Artificial Intelligence Essay?

Artificial Intelligence has played a key role in the automation of several processes around the globe, particularly in the tech world. But when it comes to the process of writing, students feel confused, and this difficulty is rooted in the widespread use of AI in different fields of life. 

But what is to be done cannot be delayed or postponed due to its difficulty. Here are some effective tips which can make the artificial intelligence essay writing process easier for you. 

1. Pick a Topic

When selecting a topic for your artificial intelligence essay, select the most interesting and the most appealing topic for you. Look for the areas in which super AI researchers are working wonders, such as science fiction, computer vision, and more. You should find a suitable topic for your work in these domains. A list of possible topics for essays on artificial intelligence is provided in this article. 

2. An Engaging Introduction

Start your essay with a most compelling introduction and make sure that it is engaging enough to capture the attention of your readers. The introduction shall have a hook, thesis statement and some key points which unravel the way you have planned your research. The introduction shall not exceed 150-200 words. As a general rule of thumb, the introduction shall not be more than 10-20% of the complete essay. 

3. A Coherent Essay Body

Nothing can stop you from gaining your desired marks in the artificial intelligence essays you craft if you have researched your topic well enough and presented the information logically in the essay body. There should be a natural and logical flow in your work. Link the theme of your essay with the new discoveries happening in the realm of artificial superintelligence and relate such facts in your essay. It increases the worth and value of your essay. 

4. Logical Conclusion of the Essay

Just like the overall body of your artificial intelligence essay, the conclusion of your work also matters a lot. When crafting this section, do not step away from the main idea and do not start discussing something that is not related to the topic. The whole aim of your conclusion is the confirmation of the content you have written and the presentation of your last thoughts on the topic. 

5. Editing and Proofreading

When you are done writing your papers, edit them as you are doing it for the last time. Review the artificial intelligence essay structure and ensure that your formatting is on point. Concentrate on the spelling, grammatical and punctuation issues and fix them. Make sure that your content is properly worded and that there are no ambiguities in your papers. Proofread your essay at least twice before the final submission. 

What Are the 4 Types of AI?

Artificial Intelligence has potentially advanced in the 21st century and enabled humans to perform tasks faster and better. Per the classification of Coursera, the 4 main types of artificial intelligence are listed here:

  1. Limited Memory AI Machines 
  2. Reactive Machines
  3. Theory of Mind AI
  4. Self-Aware AI

The pictorial representation of these 4 types is presented aptly by Tech Target in the image attached below:

What Is the Most Common Type of AI Used Today?

You can categorise artificial intelligence as weak or strong. Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is able to replicate the human brain’s cognitive abilities. The weak AI, the most common type of AI used today, is basically designed to accomplish specialised tasks. The most common examples of such AI are industrial robots and virtual assistants to humans such as Siri and Alexa. 

Artificial Intelligence Essay Examples

Some of the essays on artificial intelligence topics are mentioned here so that you may review them before crafting your writing process. 

  • A brief analysis of the evolution of different kinds of artificial intelligence
  • How do we comprehend the real limits and potential of artificial intelligence? 
  • Highlight the problems and advantages of generative AI in this era of globalisation. 
  • Do you think that robots will be successful in taking over humanity in the coming years? Support your answer with key evidence. 

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Artificial Intelligence Essay Topics for 2024

You need to choose trending artificial intelligence essay ideas to achieve the aim of writing successful papers. Some recent topics you can consider for your research work are as follows: 

  • The pros and cons of artificial intelligence and the future of robotics (use the case study of engines that play chess and apply the principles of artificial brainstorming
  • The ethical and moral threats associated with the prevailing of the artificial intelligence industry
  • Is artificial intelligence more of a threat or a helper when seen in the context of the future of humanity? Support your answer with evidence. 
  • What are the economic indicators of the companies that work on artificial intelligence techniques? Present relevant case studies to justify your answer. 
  • An elaborate analysis of the role played by AI in the development of video games 
  • The complexity of the Alan Turing test and its relation with the recommendation engine


Follow the guidelines for writing an artificial intelligence essay that we have mentioned in this article, and rest assured that you will craft an excellent paper. Just make sure that the formatting of your work is on point and that you have researched your topic well enough before starting the writing process. It requires a person who is an expert in handling contemporary research-based topics to craft an impressive academic document on AI. You should seek help with artificial intelligence essays from professional academic writers, as they know how to prepare impactful papers for students. They have a strong game with words and know exactly what they need to bring in the consideration of readers