Family-Friendly Attractions Near Heathrow Airport – 5 Best Day Trips for Kids of All Ages

You’ve just landed at Heathrow, and the kids are buzzing with pent-up energy after hours in the air, so where do you take them? As a parent, you understand how difficult it can be to give your kids a memorable travel experience. Especially in a new city, planning a day trip with children in tow can feel daunting.

The good news is that since you’re at Heathrow Airport, located conveniently on the outskirts of London, you have the perfect starting point for all your family-friendly adventures. With a car rental at Heathrow Airport, you can create your day trip plans and explore the UK at your own pace.

When planning a family trip, select attractions that spark your kids’ curiosity and feed their imagination. This way, you can guarantee that your journey is fun-filled and educational. Also, choose attractions that are within easy driving distance.

Here’s how you can make the most of your family adventure, starting from Heathrow.

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Travel Options from Heathrow Airport

Upon landing at Heathrow Airport, you have many travel options. These include the Heathrow Express train service, the London Underground and several bus and coach services. However, a car rental at Heathrow Airport is the best choice when travelling with kids.

Here’s why you should consider a car hire UK for your trip:

1. Flexibility: With kids, schedules can often be unpredictable. A car hire from London allows you to travel at your pace, make impromptu stops and adjust plans when needed.

2. Comfort: A rental car ensures a private and comfortable space for your family. It’s easier to manage naps, snacks, and playtime in a car of your own.

3. Convenience: Avoid the hassle of navigating public transport with luggage, strollers, and tired kids in tow. With a car rental, you can set off directly from the airport.

4. Safety: In a hired car, you can use child safety seats and booster options to ensure your little ones are always safe on the road.

5 Best Day Trips for Kids

A family adventure with a means you have many options perfect for little explorers of all ages. From thrilling amusement parks to educational museums, plenty of destinations can keep your children entertained while teaching them something new. Here are the best day trip destinations around Heathrow Airport:

1. Thorpe Park Resort

Thorpe Park Resort is a leading theme park in the UK with over 26 thrilling rides, and attractions spread across 72 acres. These include roller coasters, water rides, and interactive live experiences. Thorpe Park offers endless excitement and adventures for children and teens.

Time from Heathrow Airport: 15 minutes via A320

2. Hounslow Urban Farm

Hounslow Urban Farm is one of London’s most prominent community farms. It offers a close-up look at farm life and a quick escape from the busy city. Kids can interact with farm animals, participate in feeding sessions, and join educational tours. This is a perfect hands-on experience for animal lovers and young learners.

Time from Heathrow Airport: 8 minutes via A312

3. The Natural History Museum

This celebrated museum is a must-visit in London. It features extensive collections of dinosaur skeletons, minerals, and other natural wonders. The museum offers many interactive experiences that can keep curious young minds engaged.

Time from Heathrow Airport: 40 minutes via M4

4. The London Eye

The London Eye is an iconic Ferris wheel on the South Bank of River Thames. The slow-moving capsules provide a safe way for kids to see London from above. Take your kids to spot famous landmarks and enjoy the cityscape in a way they’ve never seen before.

Time from Heathrow Airport: 1 hour and 10 minutes via M4

5. Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor is themed around the beloved LEGO brick and features over 55 interactive rides, shows, and building workshops. It’s a paradise for young builders and adventurers, with attractions for various ages. 

Time from Heathrow Airport: 20 minutes via M4

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Final Thoughts

When planning a trip with kids, consider the variety and suitability of activities at each attraction to keep all ages engaged and happy. Select destinations that offer interactive and hands-on experiences. Don’t forget to check for family-friendly facilities to ensure a comfortable day out.

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