Four Reasons Why Changing Your Tyres Seasonally is Essential for Your Car

Ensuring you have the most optimal driving experience comes down to the condition you keep your vehicle in all year round and the steps you can take to maintain it. As a driver, you should never underestimate the importance of fitting your car with the correct set of tyres, and as the seasons change, there may be a set of tyres better suited to give you the best driving experience possible. 

This article will explore some of the reasons that you should consider swapping your tyres for winter and summer conditions, from improving performance to maximising the lifespan of your tyres.

Safety matters

The most important thing to any driver is the overall safety of your vehicle. Ensuring that your car is fitted with the correct set of car tyres that can perform best in certain temperatures and weather conditions will help keep you safe on the roads. 

Although many drivers may choose to fit their car with all-season tyres, choosing to swap your tyres during the winter and summer months means that you can perform better on the roads, which in turn will make your driving experience safer. 

In the harsher winter months, winter tyres will provide you with a better grip and can withstand slippery surfaces and keep you safer in icy or snowy conditions. Summer tyres are designed to deliver peak performance in dry and mild conditions, so choosing to use these in the warmer months will ensure you are as safe as possible on the roads.

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Performance boost

Seasonal tyres are specifically designed to improve performance based on the type of surfaces they will be coming into contact with. Winter and summer tyres each have carefully tailored tread designs to provide optimal performance. 

Winter tyres have deeper treads and are made from soft rubber which means that can make better contact with the road. In contrast, summer tyres feature shallow tread depths and are made from a low natural rubber composition. 

Maximise tyre life

Swapping your tyres bi-annually can help to maintain their lifespan. Changing your tyres every six months means you should experience a more well-balanced drive and avoid uneven wear and tear. All-season tyres can often wear down throughout the year which can impact your car’s performance, so choosing to swap your tyres will give you longer periods of driving on tyres that are in better condition and can provide you with the optimal driving experience.

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Fuel efficiency

Choosing the right set of tyres can in turn improve your car’s fuel efficiency and significantly reduce your car’s fuel consumption. 

Fitting your car with the right seasonal tyres means that you will have the correct amount of traction on the road, and as more friction requires more energy to propel the car forward as you drive, choosing tyres that are perfectly suited to the type of surface you will encounter will help to lower your car’s fuel consumption and help keep your fuel costs down.