What Are The Most Expensive Car Parts To Replace?

Bracing yourself for the financial impact of a car accident? 

Whether you’ve broken down on the dual carriageway or been rear-ended by another vehicle, the prospect of repair costs might feel daunting. No matter whether you drive a Ford, a Fiat or a Ferrari, it’s worth knowing which mechanical components generally cost the most to replace.

Top 4 most expensive replacement car parts to replace


While it’s unlikely that you’ll need a new clutch after an accident, it’s still possible.

This vital part of your manual car’s gear transmission eventually wears down until it starts slipping, which affects your ability to change gear. Even for smaller cars, clutch can cost hundreds to replace – add to that the cost of the flywheel, which often needs replacing at the same time, and it’s likely that you’ll need to pay more than £500.

With drivers recently being warned that MOT test prices could rise to £372, it’s important to drive in a way that promotes a longer lifespan for your clutch. This could mean changing gear slowly, choosing an appropriate gear for your speed, and not ‘riding’ the clutch. Essentially, only use your clutch to change gear.

Airbags and safety systems

Airbags are an essential and legally required safety feature activated on impact, designed to protect passengers during accidents. Your vehicle won’t pass its annual MOT test without fully functional, safe airbags. 

Replacing this important part can be costly due the complex nature of the sensors, deployment mechanisms, and electronics that allow them to work. Furthermore, experienced mechanics spend several hours fitting airbags because this task must be carried out with utmost precision. Faulty airbags could pose an even greater risk.

Engine parts

When something goes wrong with your car’s engine, repair costs usually reflect the time and skill required to fix it. From the timing belt to the radiator, the parts might not cost hundreds upfront but replacing them often requires your engine to be dissembled and put back together again. 

This complex process takes hours or sometimes days, so it’s hardly surprising that engine repairs fall among the most expensive to deal with. Engines with turbochargers might demand even more specialised knowledge. If your engine is damaged by impact from a third-party in an accident, your car insurance could help you pay less to replace components.

High-performance components

Finally, if your car is fitted out with cutting-edge features and technologies, it’s highly likely that repairing or replacing them could become a costly task. Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) encompass sensors and technologies used to enhance vehicle safety and performance. 

From external cameras to motion sensors, getting these repaired or reprogrammed could be one of the most expensive consequences after an accident. And when it comes to custom-ordered interior gadgets or one-off edition trims, it’s likely that you’ll need to pay even more to get these replicated after an accident. 

Regardless of the circumstances that caused damage to your vehicle, driving carefully and getting covered with comprehensive insurance means you’ll inevitably spend less on repairs.  

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