Top of the World, Everest Base Camp Trekking

Everest base camp trek, one of the most popular, crowded and dream of many people from all around the globe. Why people do this trek? For sense of accomplishment, connection with nature, peace and tranquility, getting away from routine, whatever there is no fixed or same response. So let’s keep it this way that people trek “because there are mountains and they like to see them”. Well Everest base camp trekking will definitely be best decision of anybody’s life as the way you feel at the trail, people you meet, witness modern town with sophisticated luxury stays and foods at such remotely located mountainous region. 

Everest base camp Trek

Well Everest base camp Trek, has always been on the bucket list of many fellow travelers and adventure seekers. Everest region is one of the most popular trek region of Nepal visited by thousands of trekkers throughout the world. Most of the travelers have their dream of stepping on the base of Mt. Everest whereas some tend to scale the summit of Everest in any cost.

Three high pass trek

Starting off with scenic adventurous flight to Lukla, the small town within Solukhumbu district and is starting and ending for any trekking in Everest region. From three high pass trek, Gokyo Lake Trek to Mera Peak climbing. Any trek and climbing done in Everest region starts from small airfield of Lukla. That’s why Lukla is often considered as gateway of Everest region. Traditionally Lukla means a place where houses of many goats and sheep are found but now a days only less amount of such animals are found in this area. Many trekkers find this place as gate way to Everest as beautiful town in lap of Himalayas offering variety of shops and Lodges catering the tourist providing western style meals and trail supplies. However this town offers much more than that.

Starting from the small town Lukla, the trail leading to Everest base camp starts with lush green forest and offer the first glimpse of Everest Mountain from bustling Namche Bazar. Namche Bazaar was once the home of a Tibetan merchant and is now filled with chic internet cafes and restaurants. Along the way you will pass various high suspension bridges. All are covered with prayer flags that give an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Followed by various chortens and Mani stones representing Sherpa and Tibetan culture and beliefs reflected in Buddhism.    

Communication in the remote region of Everest can be challenging due to the terrain. However lately buying Everest link card made communication easier and you will have internet connection throughout the trail. This helps in getting in touch with your friends and family back home and with your service provider. Trekkers must have wisely designed itinerary which insures proper acclimatization days which helps trekkers to adjust in the elevation and helps in avoiding altitude sickness. Having constant headache and nausea, loss of appetite, difficulty in sleeping are the sign and symptoms of altitude sickness. The first and primary thing to do when you fell sick in altitude is to descend down and loose the gained elevation. 

Usually trekkers stay for 2 nights at Namche for acclimatization. Namche bazar is the central trading post in the Khumbu region, attracting Himalayan and lowland merchants, during the past. From Namche bazar trekkers usually capture the first glimpses of Everest and neighboring peaks like Lhotse Peak (8414m) and Ama Dablam (6856m). During your acclimatization day you will be hiking on the hills of Namche and explore local culture closely.


Ultimately, the Everest Base Camp trek is not just about reaching a destination it’s more about embracing the adventure, the connections made with nature and people, and creating unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. The beauty of this iconic trek not only lies on the sense of accomplishment but on peace and tranquility that mountain has to offer. Away from your daily routine, Everest region with its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage captivates the heart of the traveler.

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