Best Flooring for Hallways

It is the first place that people, including yourself, see when entering your home, so should give the best impression. Hallways are also used the most after living spaces but are often overlooked areas when it comes to decorating your home.

When hallway flooring is creatively and artistically done, it can impress guests with your unique style and creativity. Imagine chevron laminate flooring installed and the huge aesthetic impact it could have on your hallway. Here at Floor Land we have hundreds of options available for the refurbishment of your hallway floors.

This article will outline and explain what you should be looking for when choosing hallway flooring and also recommend our top choices.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Hallway Flooring?

Floor replacement is a costly undertaking. A large investment deserves thorough consideration; and choosing the right flooring that you are absolutely sure of is a necessity.

You want your hallway floor to be durable of course, but you also want it to look great for years to come.

So, how do you choose the best flooring for you and your needs?

How Durable Does Hallway Flooring Need to Be?

Imagine the traffic flow here – your hallway – particularly if this is the main entrance in and out of your house.

The hallway is often the busiest room in your house with regards to footfall. Your hallway flooring should be made of a good strong material that can take many footsteps, from many different kinds of footwear.

With a large flow of people, there is also the inevitable influx of dirty, muddy, sandy, stoney and grassy shoes and footprints. You will need to pick a hallway flooring that is scratch-proof, durable and keeps its gloss even after it has been walked on many times.

When you are considering how resistant and durable your flooring needs to be, it is useful to think about how many people live in the house and how old are they?

When looking at flooring for young children, or for elderly people, you might want to consider what safety factors the flooring has (is it slip-proof, reducing the likelihood of falling). If you’re not going with carpet, a doormat or some runners need to be considered to ensure that your hallway doesn’t end up too slippery.

How Easy to Maintain Does Hallway Flooring Need to Be?

Whatever the weather might say outside, there is a good chance that you are bringing some of it into your hall.

It should be easy and inexpensive to keep clean and maintain, and it should also be water-resistant. If you have pets, the flooring needs to be chosen in such a way that pet hair and muddy prints do not show readily (and clean up easily)!

The good news is that many types of flooring fit this criterion. Carpet is by far the least suitable of these, as dirt and moisture are absorbed into carpet quite easily and it is much harder to clean.

Overall vinyl flooring and laminate flooring are much easier to clean and maintain.

What Aesthetic and Appearance are you Looking for?

If you are totally redecorating your hallway or you have a blank canvas, your flooring can be a great starting-point for the rest of the room.

Or, if you’re just replacing the flooring, what is the rest of the room like – warm and light, or dark and cold? Do you already have colours in place? Are you planning a unified look with adjoining rooms?

Additionally, hallways that are cooler and darker may be warmed by the inclusion of rugs, runners, lighter-coloured woods or curtain materials.

Laminate Flooring for Hallways

Laminate flooring is the ideal material for hallway floors. It’s available in a number of different colours, styles, textures and patterns. Because of this diversity, there are hardly any interiors to which laminate floor covering would not be suitable.

Laminate flooring resembles hardwood such as oak laminate flooring, stone or traditional tiles like tile effect laminate flooring, but at a fraction of the price of the real thing. The distressed laminate flooring would be great for the hallway as it is already textured.

The best laminate flooring usually comes with a 20-year guarantee on average.

Laminate floors are much more durable these days, and there are choices of laminate flooring in 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm thicknesses. 

No one would want to lay a floor in their house that could easily be damaged, and as such there “grades” of laminate floors, from “high gloss” being the thinnest, to “embossed’ laminate flooring being the thickest and sturdiest.

If you are installing laminate flooring in your hallway and foot-traffic is going to be high, installing a thicker, harder wearing laminate is advised. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles for Hallways

Vinyl is one of the toughest floor coverings so LVT is a great choice for hallways and other high-traffic areas. 

More durable, scratch-resistant and even water-resistant than real timber, LVT is perfect for hallways and other busy areas of your home. 

Like laminate, vinyl flooring is produced to look like a much more expensive floor, such as oak flooring, a stone, slate, or marble floor, but it’s far less expensive.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles for front hallways will provide an inviting entranceway without the practical downfalls natural materials, such as wood can bring. 

LVT is simple to install, easy to maintain and a pleasure to keep clean – making it ideal for a front entrance hallway of any shape or size.


With such an array of options available in either laminate flooring or LVT you are really spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring for your hallway.

Whether you want to go a bit wild and have a modern geometric design or opt for something more traditional like replica wooden floors, the choice is yours.