CR2430 vs CR2450: What’s the Differences?


According to COMSAN battery standards, CR2450 and CR2430 batteries are of different sizes. 2430 refers to a 24 mm diameter and 3 mm thick battery, while 2450 refers to a 24 mm diameter and 5 mm thick battery. What other differences exist between them besides their dimensions? This article will tell you all. Moreover, i also recommend you to learn about CR2450 vs CR2032 batteries.

What is a CR2430 Battery?


There are numerous electronic devices that use the CR2430 battery, including watches, calculators, remote controls, and small medical devices. Batteries in the CR series are distinguished by their coin-shaped shape and lithium-based chemistry, offering high energy density and long-lasting performance. Lithium manganese dioxide, the chemistry behind the “CR” prefix, offers stable voltage output and a fairly long shelf life. Its diameter is 24 millimeters and its thickness is 3.0 millimeters. The number “2430” refers to its size and dimensions.

Its compact size and reliable power output make the CR2430 battery ideal for devices that require reliable power while having limited space. In small electronic gadgets and devices that require continuous operation, its longevity and stable voltage make it ideal. A wide range of devices can be powered and maintained easily with the CR2430 battery, as it is compatible with many devices and easily available. Don’t forget to read CR2 vs CR123 too. 

What is a CR2450 Battery?

CR2450 Battery

In terms of size and capacity, the CR2450 battery is among the largest lithium coin cells. With a long shelf life and a stable voltage output, the CR2450 makes use of lithium chemistry like other CR series batteries. A “CR” designation indicates that it is composed of lithium manganese dioxide, a mineral with excellent energy density and reliability. Despite its dimensions, the “2450” battery is larger than many other coin cells, with a diameter of 24 millimeters and a thickness of 5.0 millimeters.

CR2450 batteries are preferred by devices requiring greater power and longer operating times because of their larger size and higher capacity. Many devices such as medical devices, keyless entry systems, watches, and other electronic gadgets use this technology. Because of its larger capacity, the CR2450 is suitable for powering devices that require more power, resulting in longer battery life between replacements. Consumers and manufacturers alike are choosing this power supply for their electronic devices because of its wide availability and compatibility.

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CR2430 vs CR2450: Differences

Size and Dimensions:

CR2430: Batteries like this one measure 24 millimeters in diameter and 3 millimeters in thickness.

CR2450: The CR2450, on the other hand, measures 24 millimeters in diameter and 5 millimeters in thickness.


CR2430: CR2430s typically have a smaller capacity than CR2450s due to their smaller size.

CR2450: CR2450’s larger size provides it with a greater power output and longer operating time, in comparison to CR2430, due to its higher capacity.


CR2430: Small electronic devices, watches, calculators, and remote controls, such as small electronic gadgets, often use this smaller battery.

CR2450: Because the CR2450 has a larger capacity, it is suitable for applications that need more power and longer battery life between changes. Electronic gadgets that require high energy output, such as digital watches, medical devices, and keyless entry systems, typically implement this technology.

CR2430 vs CR2450:Specifications

CR2430 and CR2450 batteries have the following specifications:

Battery typeLithium Manganese DioxideLithium Manganese Dioxide
Nominal Voltage3.0V3V
Nominal Capacity300 mAh620 mAh
Standard Discharge Current0.2 mA0.2 mA
Operating Temperature Range-30℃ to 70℃-30℃ to 60℃
Diameter (inch)0.965 inch0.965 inch
Diameter (mm)24.5 mm24.5 mm
Height (inch)0.118 inch0.197 inch
Height (mm)3 mm5 mm
IEC (JIS)CR2430CR2450

CR2430 vs CR2450:Equivalents

CR2430 and CR2450 batteries have the following equivalents:

Batteries equivalent to CR2430:

  • DL2430
  • BR2430
  • ECR2430
  • KCR2430
  • LM2430
  • L20
  • L2430
  • 5011LC

CR2450 Equivalent Batteries:

  • DL2450
  • BR2450
  • ECR2450
  • KCR2450
  • LM2450
  • L2450
  • 5029LC

CR2430 and CR2450 batteries can be interchangeable across various devices, so that they are compatible and readily available across a wide variety of brands and manufacturers.


CR2430 vs CR2450: What’s the difference?
In comparison to CR2450 batteries (5.0mm), CR2430 batteries are thinner (3.0mm). A larger size generally results in CR2450 batteries having a higher capacity.

Is it possible to use a CR2430 battery instead of a CR2450 battery?
Since CR2430 and CR2450 batteries have different sizes and capacities, it’s not recommended to use them together. A wrong battery type may cause the device to not function properly or to not have enough power.

How long do CR2430 and CR2450 batteries last?
A device’s power requirements and usage patterns determine the battery’s lifespan. Because CR2450 batteries have a higher capacity than CR2430 batteries, they may last longer.

Are CR2430 and CR2450 batteries rechargeable?
There are no rechargeable lithium coin-cell batteries in the CR2430 and CR2450 series. It is dangerous to attempt to charge them, as they may leak, overheat, and cause other problems.

Do CR2430 and CR2450 batteries have expiration dates?
There is an expiration date printed on the packaging of CR2430 and CR2450 batteries, as with all batteries. In order to get optimal performance, we recommend using them before the expiration date.

Can CR2430 and CR2450 batteries be recycled?
It is possible and recommended to recycle both CR2430 and CR2450 batteries responsibly. It is possible to recycle used batteries at many recycling centers and battery retailers to minimize the impact on the environment.

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Final Verdict

As a result, CR2430 batteries and CR2450 batteries are largely a matter of personal preference and device requirements. In addition to their reduced size and thinner size, CR2430 batteries are also more power-efficient, making them ideal for devices that have limited space and lower power requirements. CR2450 batteries, however, provide longer-lasting power and higher capacity, making them ideal for devices requiring more power.

The size restrictions, power requirements, and battery longevity of the device should all be considered when choosing between the CR 2430 and CR 2450 batteries. A user can make an informed decision based on the evaluation of these factors to ensure their electronic devices perform and operate as efficiently as possible. Learn more on our website to get the latest update!